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Karavansaray Dance Company

presenting traditional and folkloric dance from throughout the Near East

Karavansaray - Folkloric
Karavansaray in Folkloric costumes, 2016
(L to R) Stacey, Stacey, Zabelle, Diane, Lizzie, Rebecca, Amanda

Karavansaray Rakkasah 2013
Karavansaray in Egyptian Asyut at Rakkasah Festival, 2013
(L to R) Rebecca, Amanda, Stacey, Lizzy, Khajulah, Diane, Asiyah
photo by Carl Sermon

Karavansaray Dec. 2012
Karavansaray in Traditional/Classical Style, 2012
(L to R)  Amanda, Khajulah, Stacey, Diane, Asiyah 

Since its debut in July 2008, Karavansaray Dance Company has embarked upon a journey of exploration. Like the caravan stops on the Silk Road from which this troupe takes its name, Karavansaray brings together wide-ranging cultural influences from regions across the Near East: Turkey, Egypt, North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, the Levant, Armenia, Greece, and Iran. We honor the traditions of the regional dances we present, while respectfully adapting dances for the performance stage. The company performs primarily folkloric Near Eastern dance styles, and our repertoire expands every year.

Karavansaray has performed at festivals, fairs, and fundraisers, among many other venues -- all to enthusiastic response. Karavansaray was featured in the Rotunda Dance Series at San Francisco City Hall (2014), and the company was invited to participate in Bellydance for Syria, a benefit to support Syrian refugees (2016). Karavansaray also performed at the Annual Great Dickens Christmas Fair -- with Veil in the Wind Dance Collective in 2016 and 2017 and two full Karavansaray shows in 2018.

Other Bay Area events have included: 

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Check out a little bit of Karavansaray's offerings in these videos:
  Carnival of Stars, Aug. 2011
  Desert Dance Festival, Sept. 2011
  Winter Wonderland, Dec. 2012
  Rakkasah West, March 2013

Read an article published by Dancers' Group previewing our performance at the Rotunda Dance Series in 2014.

For more information about this emerging dance company, including performance inquiries, please contact Amanda.

Karavansaray accepts new members through Amanda's classes or direct inquiry to Amanda.

Experienced dancers who wish to join KDC should
contact Amanda with their dance background and interests
KDC rehearses weekly on Monday nights in Campbell.

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